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Hello!  Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to peruse this website.  As you may know, I have

a book on the market entitled Good Neighbours and this site is packed with information about that.  

However, there is a lot more here for you to enjoy.  As a writer, I have been working on a variety of projects

which I will share with you.


In addition to general information on the book, you will find a Good Neighbours Trivia page that will reveal

all sorts of weird and wonderful background information on the novel.  In the "Extras" menu there is a feature

entitled Good Neighbours Near and Far.  If you take a selfie with the novel — wherever you happen to be in

the world — I'll post it on this site.


There is a page entitled Not Exactly Shakespeare in which anyone (young or old, with any amount of

previous experience) can learn how to write different forms of poetry.  


There is also a feature called Memoirs of a Frazzled Mother.  Everything I have ever written has been penned

in the midst of the chaos of a busy family.  This page, also delivered in serial form, takes a humorous look at that adventure.


For the animal lovers among us, there is Bailey's Blog — a webpage by Bailey, the wonder Labrador, which will give insights into life with a writer and other pressing issues of the canine world.


You will also find here a collection of my poetry, including verses for kids and seasonal writings that you can enjoy throughout the year.  And finally, there will be an erratically published page entitled Writer's Block — a peek at those bizarre and maddening days when the words run dry.


This website will grow and will include new features and articles in the future, so please keep checking in.  I hope you enjoy it.




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