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Yikes.  This is the part of the work I don't like.  I originally told myself that I didn't want to write my

biographical entry for philosophical reasons.  Roland Barthes once said that the "author is dead" -- essentially

that the details of a writer's life are irrelevant.  Once a book is published, it stands alone and will be judged on

its own merits regardless of who the author is or what his intentions were when he wrote it.  I really do

believe that.  But now that I sit here and read over what I've just written, it does sound like pretentious

bullshit.  The simple truth is that I am a writer because it suits my nature.  I am quiet, a little awkward and

intensely private.  I want to write and send it out into the world and stay the hell home.


I know that this limits what you can know about me, but I will let you in on a little secret:  for me the work is

the thing.  If you want to really know me, read what I've written.  In Good Neighbours you'll see the sorts of

things that interest me, how my mind ties ideas together and know the questions I mull over in my head

while I'm doing the dishes.  In Memoirs of a Frazzled Mum you'll hear about a few of my experiences and

get to know a little of my sense of humour.  In Not Exactly Shakespeare, I write about everything:  the

people I love, my darkest hours, and tranquil moments.  Yes, by reading what I write you'll get to know me

very well indeed.  And you'll see:  we are not so different, you and I.