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Good News!

Today, on the internet, we are a connected world.  This is

wonderful.  We are exposed to different cultures and events

that broaden our minds and understanding.  I have

facebook friends from all over the world and seeing what

they share of their lives is a pure joy.  But there is a flip side

to every coin.  That hyper-connectedness also means that

we hear of tragedies and atrocities from all over the world

and it is incessant.  Everyday we are bombarded with

accounts of appalling behavior and gut-wrenching tragedy.  

And everyday I come away convinced that our world is going straight to hell.  


In "The Psychological Effects of TV News" (published in Psychology Today on 19 June 2012), Graham Davey notes that "the negative sensationalism in the news has been gradually increasing over the past 20-30 years."  This increase has been proven to make viewers "significantly more anxious."  And ironically, we are not just anxious about what we see in the broadcast.  The steady stream of negativity seems to be coloring our outlook in general.  It reminds me of putting on a pair of heavily tinted sunglasses.  Suddenly the world looks darker — not because it is darker, but because the lens through which we view it casts everything into shadow.  In short, constant negative information is making us sadder and more pessimistic.


But, as my grandmother used to say, every cloud has a silver lining.  We can mine for that silver by consciously selecting positive news and images to feed our minds and elevate our souls.  Author Christiane Northrup, MD, once noted that it is necessary to "carefully curate the kind of literature, movies and media that you watch, listen to and read."  It is sage advice.


And so, let me offer you a break from all the death, doom and disaster.  Good News! will provide you with stories and suggestions that are fun, uplifting, noble, and humorous.  It will only deal in the positive and in the best of human endeavor.    It will make you laugh.  It will introduce you to good work being done by good people.  And maybe, hopefully, it will restore a little optimism to your outlook.  There is so much to celebrate.  Enjoy it.


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