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"I must start by saying that I have never read a book such as this. The amount of research to put this together must have

been extensive. Mrs. Hersant weaves a wonderful tale of the evolution of a people and how myths and religion can influence

the generations. It is one of those books that the more you read the less you want to put it down. I thoroughly enjoyed it!"

- Customer Review


"The most unique take on the complete history of the British Isles ever written."  - Customer Review


'Extraordinary! Truly the most amazing book that I have ever read! Beth incorporates fact and fiction into an epic tale

that you'll never want to put down. The shear detail in this novel makes for a gripping and enthralling read and

demonstrates the amount of work that Beth has put into its writing. The characters are engaging, realistic and relatable

and the action: so thought-provoking that you won't be able to get it out of your mind.  This book picked me up when I

felt low. It made me laugh and completely captivated my imagination beyond what any other book has managed.  So

whether you are a scholar or just looking for a fascinating tale, I could not recommend this book more highly.'

--Customer Review


'Excellent reading!! I was recommended this book, bought it and loved it. Totally unlike the normal genre of book I buy

but I'm so glad I did. The book shows that Beth has done a lot of background work historically and I cannot wait for the

next one. Well done Beth. Very rarely does a book hold my attention from beginning to end but your one does.'

--By Dr J S Reid


"The best historical thriller I have read -- out-classing many on the market!"--Customer Review.


'Great book ... Artfully written ... Fabulous read!' - Customer Review


'Just finished your book, loved it.  You are such a talent.'- Customer Review


'Good Neighbours is an excellent book, well written, full of characters from fantasy, dragons and demons and clever

explanations of so many of our folk tales.' - Richard Tearle, Historical  Novel Society


'I enjoyed your book and I loved the noted added with history, legends and myths.  A great read...' - Customer Review


'Artfully written work that blends history, folktale, myth, and tales of the ancients and the mythical all into one believable, continuous narrative. Fabulous!!!! A thinker's tale that any literary student could easily dive into, much like diving into the deep end of the ocean.'-- Customer Review, NetGalley


'Loved your book and can't wait for more .... couldn't put it down until I finished it.' --Customer Review


'Fantasy, fiction, research, fairies, history, dragons, adventure, murder, mayhem, war, demons, religion, legend, fairy tales, Romans, knights, and damsels in distress. This may be the best book I have ever read. I once had a horoscope that said, "Life is short, only read the good books." After reading this one, I doubt there are any books that qualify as good. What a journey!' --Customer Review, NetGalley


An enthralling book with impeccable historical research coupled with ... a storyline to keep a fiction reader interested.  This is fascinating reading and well worth it.  Recommended.' -- Customer Review.


'It takes its readers on an incredible and truly epical journey telling the story of how we, as a people, began to be.  It deftly intertwines myth, religious thought, history and folklore to tell a story that spans an astonishingly vast range of time, from the Stone Age of 7,000 B.C. right through to our modern times.  It is like no other novel I have ever read.  It's a fantasy novel, yet it is so much more than that.  Even though it is a novel it will help you to understand the how and why things have happened throughout the turbulent history of our island races, reflected in the myths of our island peoples.  I can heartily recommend this book.'--That's Books and Entertainment


'Exceptionally well written, organised, researched and presented, Beth Hersant's "Good Neighbours" is an inherently fascinating and entertaining read from beginning to end.  Very highly recommended.'

-- Midwest Book Review


'I enjoyed this book right from the very beginning until the very end.  It is epic in scope and scale.  The attention to detail is amazing.  It is clear that Beth Hersant has put a huge amount of work into this and it really pays off.  I was enthralled by the life and inner workings of the tribe right from the start and the main characters have wonderful depth to them.  The intertwining of myths, legends and historical fact is breathtaking and left me wanting to hear more every time.  The story stretches across pre-Celtic Britain all the way to the modern day.  I was engrossed by every facet and especially enjoyed the War with the Celts,the alliance with King Arthur and the story of St. George.  Morality also plays a key role throughout the story and the raw emotion within it at times really jumps off the page.  I have no idea how Beth Hersant can follow this up, but I wait with baited breath to find out.  This book is truly excellent.'-- David Brinson, author of "Dead South"


'This is an enjoyable novel that cleverly weaves a fictional narrative with historical fact... It is a very well researched book, interesting and very different... I heartily recommend it.' -- Customer Review


'I am truly amazed by Mrs. Hersant's imaginative writing skills and the tremendous amount of historical research she has done.  Once started I just couldn't put the book down.  Found it most unusual ... and will look forward to reading her next masterpiece.'-- Customer Review


'I find that so much of the fantasy (and sci-fi) writing of the past 20 years is almost formulaic in its approach to plot, character development and storytelling.  Worlds are created of nothing (some well, some not-so-well).  Characters are introduced and strut their hour, (or hours, as the sequels drone on...) And the stories begin to run together, their tone and timbre so much alike.  "Good Neighbours is not like that.  Mrs. Hersant is a scholar and teacher as much as a storyteller.  She has set out not just to retell the major stories of the island that has become England, but to explore the themes and lessons that make the place.  Stylistically, I can imagine this book being written alongside "The Hobbit".  And I liked that a lot.  As I settle in to my next book, it seems pale in comparison.  As a counterpoint to the scholarly approach, Mrs. Hersant's vehicle is a compelling, intertwining story.  Her band of characters, both core and itinerant, are well rounded and complicated.  Their actions and motivations help make simple myths into round stories and banal allegories into drama.  There are no straw men or women, and she explores her characters' motivations deeply.  Their deliberations and decisions become the true drama of the stories.  Only one character is truly evil, and he is well worth the read.  This book is not like all the others, and that's a good thing.  Not only did I enjoy it, but I think it will return to me many times in the years to come.'--Customer Review


'Congratulations to Beth Hersant on the launch of her new book... We have a great talent among us.'--Steve Ramsey, Paranormal World


Brilliantly clever fictional history of England.  Wonderfully spun story filled with historical facts, legend and fantasy.  Loved it!--Customer Review


"Good Neighbours" was featured in "The Book Seller" in association with Nook Press on the 26 June 2015 under the Editor's Choice.  The editor, Caroline Sanderson, would later write:  "Take a bow!"


'Beth is clearly an author with real flare and passion.' --Thorpe St. Andrew Mayor John Ward, Norwich Evening News, 5 June 2015



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