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Writer's Block

Every writer out there will experience too many days when the words just won't come.  There are lots of reasons for this -- illness, stress, distraction, upset, malaise ...

or I just become convinced that everything I write completely

sucks.  I feel certain that I am an idiot.  A talentless hack.  

What I'm working on has lost all meaning and I don't care

about it anymore.  And if I just gave up and went and

shovelled french fries at MacDonald's, I would be more use

in this world than I currently am, as I sit and beat my head

against the desk.


Days like these suck and are at least partially responsible

for the fact that I am now insane.  But, always a

glass-is-half-full kinda girl, I have begun to experiment

with a variety of ways to cope with Writer's Block.


Here are a few...



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Writing Good Neighbours ... or not.

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